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And let me tell you, working in comedy is a royal pain!


My amazingly fun latenight comedy-variety show
After Hours
with Sarit Catz
Has wrapped its first season. 
For tickets to shows in the second season...
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Live Band -
Groove Buffet 
Crazy fun!!


Click on the title to check out the trailer for my short film
We recently screened at the Animaniac Festival
and as part of the
NewFilmmakers Spring 2009 Screening Series. 
And we won the Windsor Prize for Arts in Film 
Of course, if a network wants to buy it as a pilot...

Marino's is in the Hoboken Film Festival


will screen as part of the

Hoboken International Film Festival

June 8th at 8:00 pm

Cedar Lane Cinemas

503 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ

For tickets, click...

hoboken international film festival

Marino's Wins The Indie!!
Congratulations to the entire Marino's team on winning the highly prestigious Indie Award of Merit.  If you haven't seen the trailer yet...
Check it out with this link...


What She’s Having

My pilot did amazing at the New York Television Festival.  People were loving us, buzz was happening, and we got an awesome review in TV Squad which compared us favorably to "Sex & the City," "Gilmore Girls," and "Friends."  Not too shabby!!  READ IT

ALSO...  We're screening as part of the

BIG APPLE FILM FESTIVAL and took 2nd prize in the

PILOTLITE indie pilot competition!!

For more on my indie pilot, check out the website,

Watch the trailer for What She’s Having 

The Bob Gonzo Show, such that it is, features a series of "Jigglin' Island" sketches....

...a couple of "Pick Up Game" sketches...

...and other assorted sketches such as "Bikini Services."  It's a wacky world when you go from "Full House" to whore house!  Waddaya gonna do?


Filthy, Funny, and Totally Offensive
Jokes So Dirty
Comedians and Entertainers Only Tell Them To Each Other
I'm in Jeff Gurian's upcoming joke book.  Along with the likes of  Drew Carey, Richard Belzer, Jeff Garlin, Judy Gold, Artie Lange, Colin Quinn, Chris Elliott, and many more!  It was also featured in the NY Post's "Page Six."  TWICE!!! 
Click this LINK!! ...And...  THIS ONE!!!



We shot a bunch of sketches and brought in several FABULOUS, TALENTED AND SEXY new actresses: Ann Mathews, Coco Silvera, Gia Grillo and Linda Grace! As well as our lovely and talented and amazing favorites Jen and the incomparable Donna Fortin. That's my little head in the back. You can imagine why I want my bod hidden in THAT crowd.

Look for the "Bob Gonzo Show," which will be available soon on cable's new on-demand network, RipeTV (, as well as in syndication and on-line.

Get on my mailing list and I'll let you know when we debut. If you want to come to a taping, I can get you in, too. I'm the Head Writer, don't you know?





What a blast I had on Sarasota, Florida's WIBQ NewsTalk 1220 on Friday morning at 11:05. I hope to return to Doug Miles' Suncoast Magazine Show in person when I play McCurdy's.

I was also on WBLI RADIO, Long Island's #1 Hit Music Station, with Steve Harper and the gang. Fun, fun, fun.

Did you catch my interview with Archer & Mark on 99.5 The Mountain in Denver? What a blast! Archer is an old friend of mine from my days at ABC Radio Networks so it was great catching up.

I was also on El Paso's #1 Morning Radio Morning Show on 95.5 KLAQ with Buzz, Duke, and my girl Teresa. LIVE. That crew likes to live on the edge! Hey gang, I'm EVERYWHERE. There's no escaping me, is there?



Two Entertainment Veterans Set New Situation Comedy in Hoboken, New Jersey

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Top stand-up comic Mike Marino and veteran sitcom writer Sarit Catz have teamed up to bring a new television comedy to the small screen. The two New Jersey natives, who have both worked for years in the entertainment industry in Hollywood, decided to set the show in their home state. But, with the hit series “The Sopranos” already set in New Jersey, does the Garden State need another TV show? “Definitely,” asserts Sarit Catz. “America should know we’ve got more than just wiseguys in Jersey. We’ve got people who know wiseguys.”

Mike Marino, known to thousands as New Jersey’s Bad Boy of Comedy, has teamed up with the award-winning television veteran to create a series based on his stand-up material. “The studios and networks sent me to see dozens of comics but I never wanted to develop for anyone until I saw Mike’s act,” says Catz, a recognized comedy expert and a writer/producer whose credits include such top-ten series as “Full House” and “Coach,” as well as numerous others. “He’s relatable, he’s got a clear point of view, and he’s downright hilarious,” adds Catz who is herself known on the stand-up comedy circuit as the Princess of Comedy.

An actor trained at the prestigious American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Mike Marino has appeared in television series such as “Becker,” “Party of Five,” and “Frasier.” According to Catz, “You don’t come across too many stand-ups with acting chops. But Mike’s got ‘em.” Marino has appeared in dozens of commercials as well as being a regular member of Jay Leno’s sketch players on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

Marino and Catz are currently in pre-production on the pilot for “Marino’s,” a series about an Italian-American family in Hoboken. Once a predominately Italian-American working class town and known to millions as the birthplace of Frank Sinatra, Hoboken has been discovered by upscale professionals and now boasts trendy restaurants and boutiques alongside the butcher shops and delis. “You can run across absolutely anybody in Hoboken,” says Catz, “which is what makes it such a great setting for a show.” Marino adds, “Even though the family is Italian, it could be any family. I mean, who doesn’t have crazy relatives?”

The show just wrapped production and is currently being pitched to studios and networks.




Sarit Catz Named Head Writer of “Bob Gonzo Show”

FAIRFIELD, NJ – What does a comedy writer do once she’s produced several top-ten sitcoms, developed three national radio network services, performed stand-up in leading comedy clubs, and optioned two feature film scripts? If she’s Sarit Catz, she takes on yet another entertainment genre, the variety show. Untroubled by the new challenge, Sarit laughs, “It’s probably a bad idea, but I’ve made bigger mistakes. After all, I have two kids.”

Catz, a writer/producer whose credits include such hit television series as “Full House” and “Coach,” along with numerous others, has recently been named the Head Writer of the upcoming “Bob Gonzo Show.” The comedy-variety series, which is being produced in New Jersey, will be seen on the new Ripe TV on-demand network ( as well as in syndication. According to Catz, “The show’s going to be ‘Laugh-In’ meets ‘Love American Style’ meets Hooters - a kind of cheeky, irreverent throwback to the sixties with an edginess that is very today.”

And who is Bob Gonzo? Bob is a comedian and talent manager who launched the careers of Martin Lawrence, Joe Rogan, Kevin James, and many other top comics. Gonzo is perhaps best known, however, as the writer/director/producer/star of numerous low-budget films and the ringleader of “Gonzo’s Gorgeous Girls,” a bevy of beauties who have appeared in his films, at movie conventions, and who will be featured in the upcoming variety show. A number of years ago, Gonzo created the original “Bob Gonzo Show,” which became an underground sensation and attracted the attention of many of Hollywood’s top talent.

The comedy cult figure and the mainstream television veteran met in the comedy clubs of New Jersey, where both are based. According to Gonzo, “I know talent when I see it, and Sarit has it. When the opportunity arose to bring back the show, I wanted it to be done right and I knew she was the one to do it.” Catz adds, “Bob has a very relatable, lovable quality that comes through on camera. Between that and the hot chicks, we can’t lose.”

The winner of three prestigious Writers’ Guild of America Awards, Catz is also producing another TV pilot, “Marino’s,” a sitcom inspired by the stand-up comedy of another Jersey funnyman, Mike Marino. With so much comedy coming out of New Jersey, maybe there’s something in the water. “There definitely is,” confirms Catz. “You can smell it.”